Southern Ohio – Neotropical Wonders Birding Trip

May 1 - 4, 2023
Southern Ohio

This trip to Southern Ohio will give you an amazing chance to view the much sought after Kentucky, Cerulean, Prairie and worm-eating Warblers on breeding territories as well as many more neotropical migrants that pass through. 


This trip is an excellent way to see many specialty birds that call southern Ohio home each summer. Southeast Ohio sits at the edge of Appalachia. It is teaming with biodiversity, including some incredible Neotropical Migrants. It also holds a close place to my heart since I went to school here. Since 2015, I have spent time each spring coming to this part of the state and I see something new every year. Come birding with me in one of the most amazing natural places in Ohio.

Day 1: Travel Day
Day 2: Clear Creek Metro Park and Chuck's trip
Day 3: Birding Shawnee SF
Day 4: head home

Day 1: For those coming from Toledo, you are welcome to carpool down with us and stay in a hotel this night in Columbus. Participants flying in should arrive in Columbus this day and prepare to stay in a hotel near the airport this night. For participants driving to meet us, you will need to secure parking for your vehicle in Columbus (airport parking is one option) or follow our van. Your other choice is to meet us early morning day 2 at our destination and caravan down to Shawnee with us. *please consider what option is best for you*

Day 2: We will head slightly south from Columbus to Clear Creek Metro Park. This is a fantastic place for migrants and is a location that will hold our first encounters with southern breeding warblers such as Yellow-throated Warbler, Louisiana Waterthrush and more. After birding in CCMP, we will break for a lunch then make our way 2 hours south to check into our next location, Shawnee State Forest and Lodge. The accommodations we have chosen to stay in are nice cabins (water and electricity) within the state forest. After getting checked in and settled we will do some birding around the lodge and eat dinner before heading out to look for Chuck-will's-widow, Eastern Whip-poor-will, American Woodcock and with some luck, owls.

Day 3: This will be an early morning, as we will want to start at daybreak for our best chances at the dawn chorus that wakes up this amazing forest in spring. Warblers, vireos and my favorite singer, the Wood Thrush, will serenade us. We have a chance to encounter over 30 species of warbler here but our main targets will be Cerulean, Kentucky, Wormeating and Hooded Warblers. Broad-winged Hawks can be seen sailing over the canopy as well as a lot more birds. Aside from the birds, Shawnee is packed with rich biodiversity like spring wildflowers (we will be looking for Pink Lady-slippers), mammals (Black Bears and Bobcats), reptiles, amphibians and butterflies. The butterflies here on a sunny day can remind someone of the tropics. Swallowtails flittering by while huge amounts puddle and gather minerals right off the road. We will eat lunch in the field this day and stop birding around dinnertime. Those feeling up to it can always join me in an evening walk. *Breakfast and lunch provided this day*

Day 4: We will be returning to Columbus for flights and make our way home. Flights should not be booked earlier than noon. For those joining me on our way to NW Ohio we will head towards the Toledo area for a couple of amazing days of birding.

Download itinerary here.

For additional questions, please contact your guide Jeremy at or 419-385-5721 ext. 3096

Only 3 tickets available!

Southern OH-Neotropical-Double Occupancy Room



Southern OH-Neotropical-Single Occupancy Room



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